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Windows Hosting vs. Linux – Part 2

Linux is, and has always been, the leading operating system for web hosting servers. Its open source nature simply makes it the most efficient and most adaptable system available on the market. It’s also used by many leading developers, who are the ones that innovate the technology web hosting sites use to host the various forms of data that these companies need to place on the web to maintain their technological image. After all, in today’s world, a company is doomed to failure if it has a poor website, or even worse, no website at all.

Windows, which has always been looked down on by hardcore developers, though, has been rising up the ranks in web server operating systems. It has even become the second most popular system to use for web hosting. This rise in popularity stems from two main points. One, many companies rely on Windows for many other computer issues, so they keep a certain level of trust in the Microsoft name. Also, Windows web hosting allows for the use of various products that use languages and scripts not compatible with Linux servers. This sole issue with Linux servers has resulted in this surprising rise in Windows operating systems being used on web servers.

Naturally, both types of servers allow for the vast majority of languages and scripts used by web designers around the world. HTML, CSS, and other basic languages are obviously supported. As are more complex scripts such as Perl, PHP, and MySQL. However, for many Windows servers, the allowance for these more complex scripts based on open source languages is very limited when compared to Linux servers. This is one of the main reasons for the continued popularity of Linux servers over Windows. On the other hand, Windows servers allow for products and scripts such as Access, MS SQL, and .NET Framework that simply cannot work on most Linux servers. Because these allow for the easy creation of dynamic websites, they are heavily used by many companies that either cannot or will not fund a large web design team. As a result, these companies must resort to using Windows web hosting to meet their needs.

Windows also suffers from the fact that it requires more maintenance to stay at the same level as Linux servers. This results in a higher web hosting cost, something that drives away companies. It is this, primarily, that keeps Windows servers below in Linux servers in terms of popularity and overall use. Again, Linux has the advantage due to its open source nature, meaning that independent developers can find issue with the operation system much more quickly than Microsoft workers can for their system.

Due to these factors, for the most part, Linux still reigns supreme for web hosting. It is just as powerful as Windows in most areas, and costs quite a bit less. However, Windows web hosting allows for a level of compatibility unrivaled by any other operating system. And it may be this, in the end, which takes it to the top of the market.

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