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What is Windows Hosting?

Web hosting, in general, refers to the uploading of content to a server. Host administrators then maintain this server. It is the job of these administrators to make sure all data on each particular server is protected from various problems, be they in the form of server crashes, data wipes, or hackers. Web hosting sites that do this more efficiently than others become more popular and, as a result, more successful. However, this job cannot be done free. Not only must these administrators maintain the servers at all times, requiring human labor, there is a cost involved in simply hosting data on the Internet. This cost, and then some, is transferred to the client.

When differentiating between hosting sites, an important issue to focus on is the operating system of the server. This is similar, in a way, to the operating system of a personal computer, but also very different. The leading server operating system is that of Linux, with Windows not too far behind. Originally, Linux was the leading system by far, with very little competition. However, over the past few years, Windows has pushed forward due to some of its more appealing features.

Probably the most appealing factor of Windows for servers is its compatibility with the overwhelmingly popular Windows operating systems on computers across the globe. Many forms of software that make designing and creating websites much easier are not compatible with Linux. Granted, Linux does allow for the vast majority of programming languages and scripts available to web designers, but there are things it cannot handle. An incredibly important example would be .NET Framework used to create dynamic and engaging websites that attract many visitors. Also, ASP and MS SQL, both of which are primarily, if not solely, Microsoft products, exhibit unreliable performance on Linux servers, a crucial issue for some companies that use Microsoft software to create their websites.

Windows servers are also surprisingly efficient, especially when compared to Windows personal computers. Windows, though more complex than Macintosh in nature, is relatively simple in layout and design, and is focused toward the average user. Therefore, just about any web design team, regardless of experience with servers and web hosting, can use it. Despite this simplicity, Windows is an incredibly powerful operating system for web servers, providing the necessary capabilities that companies look for when choosing web-hosting sites. This power also comes with a relatively low cost, making it even more appealing to companies that are trying to maximize profit.

Although Linux leads the world in web hosting, the rise of Windows-based websites has led many web-hosting sites to add servers with Windows operating system or simply convert some of the servers on their network to Windows to accommodate this shift in the market. As such, Windows web hosting has become an increasingly important area of interest for companies that try to stay abreast of the rapidly changing world; a world that is becoming more and more technology and information based every day.

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