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How to Decide if You Should Use Linux or Windows Hosting

Choosing which platform to use can be a tricky decision. Most people have either Windows or Linux operating systems installed before they think why they should use one above the other. The reasons for using Windows or Linux will depend on what type of website you have, how complicated it is and what you wish to achieve with your website.

Hosting providers will often offer a package that can be uploaded onto either operating system. Most webhosting services use Linux platforms. There are many reasons for this. It is irrelevant to the user as to why the hosting company chooses to use Linux over Windows, as hosting companies will provide options for users of both platforms.


Current Operating System

It is important to consider your current operating system and whether it is necessary to switch systems. Both platforms are equally brilliant but both come with separate applications. These applications are not compatible with both Linux and Windows. It is a bit like choosing whether to be a Canon or Nikon photographer, you cannot interchange the lenses.


Software and Applications

Linux uses PHP, Perl, CGI, and MySQL service. These applications will function smoothly on the Linux platform but will not be compatible with Windows.  Linux is based on Apache. It is popular for internet scripts to require apache. Windows has its own version of such applications, with ASP or Coldfusion and has database software called MsSQL.

With advancing technology and communities that are dedicated to bettering the software, Linux has developed ASP and Coldfusion to be compatible with Linux. However, this is not really the best option and is not as good as the real thing. It is best to stick with applications that are originally designed for their respective platforms.



As with everything that requires an investment, users should ask themselves what is needed. The question is not as simple as which operating system should I use. It is better to ask questions that are more relevant. Such as, what type of website is being designed and what is required of it? What platform feels more comfortable and which is easier to operate? How complex is your knowledge of web-based systems and what are the demands of the website?



There has been some speculation online that both platforms are equal in price. Windows is expensive to set up initially whereas Linux is free. Linux is open source software and is free. (For a great Linux host check out Justhost Review). Windows is a reliable brand on the market and some users will feel more comfortable using a platform that they already know. Also updating Windows is easy and the platform offers a professional support team if a client should experience any problems. Many large corporations choose to use Windows for these reasons.

One advantage of choosing Linux is if you are an advanced webmaster, as you need to change your web provider in the future you may have more webhosting options from which to choose. This may save time and money. Windows operating system offers an equal variety of amazing features and applications to that of Linux. Choosing which platform to use is often a personal preference.

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