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It has been generally established that Windows hosting is more expensive than Linux, or even Unix, hosting. This is, for the most part, because Linux is an open source project, both for personal computer operating systems and server operating systems. However, this extra price is often worth it for companies that use Windows products and programming languages to create dynamic websites and content. Many companies, though, are not willing to pay much more than they have to. There are some corporations, on the other hand, to which price is not issue. These larger corporations simply use the best servers they can find regardless of the price. As a result, these corporations use cutting-edge servers with the latest operating system available. Of course, this is incredibly expensive in comparison to many of the more affordable systems available to the majority of companies striving to stay alive on the Internet.

One of the most expensive Windows web hosting packages around is available from Server Intellect. It is priced at about $500 each month, placing it out of the range of smaller businesses. However, the features it comes with make it one of the best choices for large corporations. With an 8-core processor and 8 Gigabytes of RAM, this Private Cloud server provides the capability for handling incredibly high bandwidth, making it essential for some of the most visited websites on the Internet. This power is unrivaled by just about anything else available on the market, outside of government level servers. This, however, will always surpass private servers, simply because the government needs the best of the best to protect itself from foreign cyber-attack.

Another rather expensive web host is Ultrahosting Inc. They do offer a relatively inexpensive package at $55 for those on a budget. Still, this package is rather limited and lacks many of the features available with cheaper web hosting. Nevertheless, this company shines when it comes to its more expensive services. At about $200, they offer nearly every service a company could conceive of. It is not quite as powerful as the server provided by Server Intellect, but it is more than enough for almost every website on the Internet. They can also boast the fact that they have never been completely down, giving them an uptime of 100%, a figure that few companies can share, or even come close. Ultrahosting also has an award-winning support team, giving them yet another factor by which they can claim to be better than their competitors.

Although most companies look for the lowest priced Windows hosting with the most features, some corporations, those that make huge profits and are more than willing to spend the extra dollar for better servers, look solely at the features offered. If they like what they find, they purchase the service, regardless of how much it costs the company. This desire for the best of the best, however, has pushed web-hosting companies to push server technology forward at an incredible rate, resulting in better and better servers that perpetuate this cycle.

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