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Windows hosting has become increasingly popular over the past few years, thanks, in large part, to the many Windows products that Microsoft has released over that time. These products, which utilized such things as .NET Framework, MS SQL, and Access, allowed an easier way to create dynamic, vibrant websites that would attract a great number of visitors each day. These let companies that had previously been unable to hold their own in a digital environment match their much larger, much wealthier competitors. Some web hosting sites, in particular, have made it both easy and affordable for smaller companies to compete with large corporations.

One such web hosting company is 1&1 Internet Inc. It provides some of the most inexpensive services available on the Internet. In fact, for Windows hosting, they offer a package for about $13 that includes unlimited storage space and bandwidth. This is rather unique, as the vast majority of web hosting groups do not provide this, even with their most expensive rates. With this package, they also provide an incredible number of features for websites, email, and much more. However, there is a disadvantage to this seemingly perfect service. The power of the servers used for this service is much lower than many servers of their competitors. After all, there must be a tradeoff for such an inexpensive offer. This is an example of a company that one would choose for quantity over quality. It is also, as are the others in this article, an excellent option for companies on a budget.

They also have a version of their company based out of the UK. This group, however, does not provide many of the services that make 1&1 such a viable choice for Windows web hosting. For one, they do not offer unlimited storage or bandwidth, which already places them below their international counterpart. However, their low prices still make them a good choice for companies that cannot afford higher quality web hosting.

Another affordable Windows web host is Lunarpages. Although their services are not as cheap as that of 1&1 Internet Inc., they offer higher quality servers available for use. They only offer about 400 Gigabytes of bandwidth, much less than their competitor. However, their uptime is nearly impossible to beat, because they keep their servers hooked up to generators. They also have excellent support that places them above most other web hosts of comparable features and offers. Lunarpages also offers email, e-commerce, and multimedia services with this package that appeal to the companies who use their servers. There is no reason, of course, to pay a web host that does not provide the services one needs to make a high quality, dynamic website to attract visitors and prospective clients.

Many more web-hosting groups offer Windows servers for similar prices. However, these companies seem to be generally regarded as better choices when considering web hosting. There are also many groups that offer better services. Yet they charge much more, making them impractical for some smaller businesses.

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