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Microsoft has recently taken hits from other companies, particularly Apple, regarding the quality of their products, particularly their operating systems. Indeed, despite the burst of energy shown when Windows 7 was first released, Windows operating system, as a whole, is becoming less popular over time. However, Microsoft has been doing much better in other markets, particularly the area of web servers. Although Linux has long dominated this area, Windows has been making a strong push forward, placing it solidly in the second place position. It has continued to move to the top of the web server market.

The increasing instances of Windows web servers are due to the increasing popularity of Windows-based websites and other web content. These projects utilize languages or scripts that are simply not compatible with Linux systems. Thus, there arose a much greater demand for Windows servers, or servers with Windows operating system. As web hosting sites race for the lead in this quickly growing market, some sites have outstripped the rest in both quantity and quality.

The top sites all have similar qualities. They all have the lowest rates per month and per year, for those who wish to pay upfront and those who do not. This versatility in cost is often important to smaller companies who have to worry about the cost of web hosting. Large corporations, on the other hand, don’t have to deal with this problem, so they pay little attention to the price and simply go for the best content.

For these groups, often one of the most important factors is the amount of storage available for use. There are very few sites that allow for unlimited storage, and this is only with certain servers at their highest price. Therefore, it is often important to look at the price versus the storage access. Basic rates from web hosting sites usually come with about 20 Gigabytes worth of storage space. This is more than enough for smaller sites and larger sites that do not utilize high-quality graphics or multimedia. However, sites for companies like Adobe, Apple, or Microsoft itself, this amount of storage space is insignificant. These sites require the highest priced packages available from the best web hosting sites.

This often requires at least 1,500 Gigabytes of storage space, at least 4 Gigabytes of RAM, a Quad core processor, and the latest version of Windows operating system for web servers, which now is Windows Server 2008 R2 Operating System. Of course, this amount of power and content is only available if one is willing to pay the price. Such a combination of features will often run around $300 each month for the company that uses it. Of course, for a multinational corporation like Microsoft, this is, again, an insignificant amount of money, and infinitely worth the cost.

Web hosting sites have realized that there is great demand for Windows hosting. Thus, they have begun to run their servers with Windows operating system. In addition, they offer this to individuals, small businesses, and large corporations alike.

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