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Expensive Windows Hosting

It has been generally established that Windows hosting is more expensive than Linux, or even Unix, hosting. This is, for the most part, because Linux is an open source project, both for personal computer operating systems and server operating systems. However, this extra price is often worth it for companies that use Windows products and programming languages to create dynamic websites and content. Many companies, though, are not willing to pay much more than they have to. There are some corporations, on the other hand, to which price is not issue. These larger corporations simply use the best servers they can find regardless of the price. As a result, these corporations use cutting-edge servers with the latest operating system available. Of course, this is incredibly expensive in comparison to many of the more affordable systems available to the majority of companies striving to stay alive on the Internet.

One of the most expensive Windows web hosting packages around is available from Server Intellect. It is priced at about $500 each month, placing it out of the range of smaller businesses. However, the features it comes with make it one of the best choices for large corporations. With an 8-core processor and 8 Gigabytes of RAM, this Private Cloud server provides the capability for handling incredibly high bandwidth, making it essential for some of the most visited websites on the Internet. This power is unrivaled by just about anything else available on the market, outside of government level servers. This, however, will always surpass private servers, simply because the government needs the best of the best to protect itself from foreign cyber-attack.

Another rather expensive web host is Ultrahosting Inc. They do offer a relatively inexpensive package at $55 for those on a budget. Still, this package is rather limited and lacks many of the features available with cheaper web hosting. Nevertheless, this company shines when it comes to its more expensive services. At about $200, they offer nearly every service a company could conceive of. It is not quite as powerful as the server provided by Server Intellect, but it is more than enough for almost every website on the Internet. They can also boast the fact that they have never been completely down, giving them an uptime of 100%, a figure that few companies can share, or even come close. Ultrahosting also has an award-winning support team, giving them yet another factor by which they can claim to be better than their competitors.

Although most companies look for the lowest priced Windows hosting with the most features, some corporations, those that make huge profits and are more than willing to spend the extra dollar for better servers, look solely at the features offered. If they like what they find, they purchase the service, regardless of how much it costs the company. This desire for the best of the best, however, has pushed web-hosting companies to push server technology forward at an incredible rate, resulting in better and better servers that perpetuate this cycle.

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Affordable Windows Hosting

Windows hosting has become increasingly popular over the past few years, thanks, in large part, to the many Windows products that Microsoft has released over that time. These products, which utilized such things as .NET Framework, MS SQL, and Access, allowed an easier way to create dynamic, vibrant websites that would attract a great number of visitors each day. These let companies that had previously been unable to hold their own in a digital environment match their much larger, much wealthier competitors. Some web hosting sites, in particular, have made it both easy and affordable for smaller companies to compete with large corporations.

One such web hosting company is 1&1 Internet Inc. It provides some of the most inexpensive services available on the Internet. In fact, for Windows hosting, they offer a package for about $13 that includes unlimited storage space and bandwidth. This is rather unique, as the vast majority of web hosting groups do not provide this, even with their most expensive rates. With this package, they also provide an incredible number of features for websites, email, and much more. However, there is a disadvantage to this seemingly perfect service. The power of the servers used for this service is much lower than many servers of their competitors. After all, there must be a tradeoff for such an inexpensive offer. This is an example of a company that one would choose for quantity over quality. It is also, as are the others in this article, an excellent option for companies on a budget.

They also have a version of their company based out of the UK. This group, however, does not provide many of the services that make 1&1 such a viable choice for Windows web hosting. For one, they do not offer unlimited storage or bandwidth, which already places them below their international counterpart. However, their low prices still make them a good choice for companies that cannot afford higher quality web hosting.

Another affordable Windows web host is Lunarpages. Although their services are not as cheap as that of 1&1 Internet Inc., they offer higher quality servers available for use. They only offer about 400 Gigabytes of bandwidth, much less than their competitor. However, their uptime is nearly impossible to beat, because they keep their servers hooked up to generators. They also have excellent support that places them above most other web hosts of comparable features and offers. Lunarpages also offers email, e-commerce, and multimedia services with this package that appeal to the companies who use their servers. There is no reason, of course, to pay a web host that does not provide the services one needs to make a high quality, dynamic website to attract visitors and prospective clients.

Many more web-hosting groups offer Windows servers for similar prices. However, these companies seem to be generally regarded as better choices when considering web hosting. There are also many groups that offer better services. Yet they charge much more, making them impractical for some smaller businesses.

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What to Look for in Windows Hosting

Microsoft has recently taken hits from other companies, particularly Apple, regarding the quality of their products, particularly their operating systems. Indeed, despite the burst of energy shown when Windows 7 was first released, Windows operating system, as a whole, is becoming less popular over time. However, Microsoft has been doing much better in other markets, particularly the area of web servers. Although Linux has long dominated this area, Windows has been making a strong push forward, placing it solidly in the second place position. It has continued to move to the top of the web server market.

The increasing instances of Windows web servers are due to the increasing popularity of Windows-based websites and other web content. These projects utilize languages or scripts that are simply not compatible with Linux systems. Thus, there arose a much greater demand for Windows servers, or servers with Windows operating system. As web hosting sites race for the lead in this quickly growing market, some sites have outstripped the rest in both quantity and quality.

The top sites all have similar qualities. They all have the lowest rates per month and per year, for those who wish to pay upfront and those who do not. This versatility in cost is often important to smaller companies who have to worry about the cost of web hosting. Large corporations, on the other hand, don’t have to deal with this problem, so they pay little attention to the price and simply go for the best content.

For these groups, often one of the most important factors is the amount of storage available for use. There are very few sites that allow for unlimited storage, and this is only with certain servers at their highest price. Therefore, it is often important to look at the price versus the storage access. Basic rates from web hosting sites usually come with about 20 Gigabytes worth of storage space. This is more than enough for smaller sites and larger sites that do not utilize high-quality graphics or multimedia. However, sites for companies like Adobe, Apple, or Microsoft itself, this amount of storage space is insignificant. These sites require the highest priced packages available from the best web hosting sites.

This often requires at least 1,500 Gigabytes of storage space, at least 4 Gigabytes of RAM, a Quad core processor, and the latest version of Windows operating system for web servers, which now is Windows Server 2008 R2 Operating System. Of course, this amount of power and content is only available if one is willing to pay the price. Such a combination of features will often run around $300 each month for the company that uses it. Of course, for a multinational corporation like Microsoft, this is, again, an insignificant amount of money, and infinitely worth the cost.

Web hosting sites have realized that there is great demand for Windows hosting. Thus, they have begun to run their servers with Windows operating system. In addition, they offer this to individuals, small businesses, and large corporations alike.

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Windows Hosting vs. Linux – Part 2

Linux is, and has always been, the leading operating system for web hosting servers. Its open source nature simply makes it the most efficient and most adaptable system available on the market. It’s also used by many leading developers, who are the ones that innovate the technology web hosting sites use to host the various forms of data that these companies need to place on the web to maintain their technological image. After all, in today’s world, a company is doomed to failure if it has a poor website, or even worse, no website at all.

Windows, which has always been looked down on by hardcore developers, though, has been rising up the ranks in web server operating systems. It has even become the second most popular system to use for web hosting. This rise in popularity stems from two main points. One, many companies rely on Windows for many other computer issues, so they keep a certain level of trust in the Microsoft name. Also, Windows web hosting allows for the use of various products that use languages and scripts not compatible with Linux servers. This sole issue with Linux servers has resulted in this surprising rise in Windows operating systems being used on web servers.

Naturally, both types of servers allow for the vast majority of languages and scripts used by web designers around the world. HTML, CSS, and other basic languages are obviously supported. As are more complex scripts such as Perl, PHP, and MySQL. However, for many Windows servers, the allowance for these more complex scripts based on open source languages is very limited when compared to Linux servers. This is one of the main reasons for the continued popularity of Linux servers over Windows. On the other hand, Windows servers allow for products and scripts such as Access, MS SQL, and .NET Framework that simply cannot work on most Linux servers. Because these allow for the easy creation of dynamic websites, they are heavily used by many companies that either cannot or will not fund a large web design team. As a result, these companies must resort to using Windows web hosting to meet their needs.

Windows also suffers from the fact that it requires more maintenance to stay at the same level as Linux servers. This results in a higher web hosting cost, something that drives away companies. It is this, primarily, that keeps Windows servers below in Linux servers in terms of popularity and overall use. Again, Linux has the advantage due to its open source nature, meaning that independent developers can find issue with the operation system much more quickly than Microsoft workers can for their system.

Due to these factors, for the most part, Linux still reigns supreme for web hosting. It is just as powerful as Windows in most areas, and costs quite a bit less. However, Windows web hosting allows for a level of compatibility unrivaled by any other operating system. And it may be this, in the end, which takes it to the top of the market.

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Popular Types of Windows Hosting Servers

Linux is more popular among hosting servers but Windows is more popular among individual home users. Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages. It is as if you were choosing between a Porsche and a Ferrari. The choice is a matter of preference. There are many types of Windows and Linux hosting providers. Some software is compatible with both platforms. With the constant growth of the internet, comes the constant growth of complexities and types of web hosting. Most hosting providers will allow users to choose between Linux and Windows packages.


Free Hosting

There are many free hosting options on the internet. Hosting providers normally publish a variety of advertisements to a user’s website. These advertisements generate income for the hosting provider in order to provide a free service.


Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is one of the more popular types of web hosting on the internet. It is one of the cheapest options and users do not necessarily have to have third party advertisements on their website. The service is called shared due to the amount of users all sharing the same server.


Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is when users wish to purchase webhosting space in order to make a profit themselves. Resellers are users that rent out webhosting services independently. Most of the larger hosting companies provide reseller packages to clients whereby they can effectively manage their own webhosting business of the parent server. It is an effective way to make a profit, however the internet is a competitive market place and there are many webhosting services available. Resellers can opt to use a Windows or Linux platform for their webhosting service. There are varieties of parent hosting services that operate on Windows instead of Linux. Resellers can choose to go with Windows parent hosting servers or to use Linux parent servers and then to manage their hosting service on Windows platforms.


Virtual Dedicated Hosting

VPS also known as Virtual dedicated server. VPS is a divided server that is based on many different forms of hardware. Users do not always get full root access. However, this will depend on the webhosting company. With VPS, users can get some of the benefits of a dedicated server. VPS is available for both Windows and Linux users. Some webhosting companies will give users a choice to use either Windows or Linux with their VPS service.


Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the best type of webhosting package. It is more expensive but you get what you pay for. Users get their own independent web server. This makes for a more secure server. The user does not own the server but has a choice of whether to manage the server or let the provider manage the server for them. Dedicated hosting provides users with more disk space better bandwidth and an effective administration panel. Clients are usually responsible for the maintenance and security of their own servers, this depends on the hosting company and how much the monthly fee for the service is. They are also usually given the option to use either Windows or Linux platforms.

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How to Decide if You Should Use Linux or Windows Hosting

Choosing which platform to use can be a tricky decision. Most people have either Windows or Linux operating systems installed before they think why they should use one above the other. The reasons for using Windows or Linux will depend on what type of website you have, how complicated it is and what you wish to achieve with your website.

Hosting providers will often offer a package that can be uploaded onto either operating system. Most webhosting services use Linux platforms. There are many reasons for this. It is irrelevant to the user as to why the hosting company chooses to use Linux over Windows, as hosting companies will provide options for users of both platforms.


Current Operating System

It is important to consider your current operating system and whether it is necessary to switch systems. Both platforms are equally brilliant but both come with separate applications. These applications are not compatible with both Linux and Windows. It is a bit like choosing whether to be a Canon or Nikon photographer, you cannot interchange the lenses.


Software and Applications

Linux uses PHP, Perl, CGI, and MySQL service. These applications will function smoothly on the Linux platform but will not be compatible with Windows.  Linux is based on Apache. It is popular for internet scripts to require apache. Windows has its own version of such applications, with ASP or Coldfusion and has database software called MsSQL.

With advancing technology and communities that are dedicated to bettering the software, Linux has developed ASP and Coldfusion to be compatible with Linux. However, this is not really the best option and is not as good as the real thing. It is best to stick with applications that are originally designed for their respective platforms.



As with everything that requires an investment, users should ask themselves what is needed. The question is not as simple as which operating system should I use. It is better to ask questions that are more relevant. Such as, what type of website is being designed and what is required of it? What platform feels more comfortable and which is easier to operate? How complex is your knowledge of web-based systems and what are the demands of the website?



There has been some speculation online that both platforms are equal in price. Windows is expensive to set up initially whereas Linux is free. Linux is open source software and is free. (For a great Linux host check out Justhost Review). Windows is a reliable brand on the market and some users will feel more comfortable using a platform that they already know. Also updating Windows is easy and the platform offers a professional support team if a client should experience any problems. Many large corporations choose to use Windows for these reasons.

One advantage of choosing Linux is if you are an advanced webmaster, as you need to change your web provider in the future you may have more webhosting options from which to choose. This may save time and money. Windows operating system offers an equal variety of amazing features and applications to that of Linux. Choosing which platform to use is often a personal preference.

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What is Windows Hosting?

Web hosting, in general, refers to the uploading of content to a server. Host administrators then maintain this server. It is the job of these administrators to make sure all data on each particular server is protected from various problems, be they in the form of server crashes, data wipes, or hackers. Web hosting sites that do this more efficiently than others become more popular and, as a result, more successful. However, this job cannot be done free. Not only must these administrators maintain the servers at all times, requiring human labor, there is a cost involved in simply hosting data on the Internet. This cost, and then some, is transferred to the client.

When differentiating between hosting sites, an important issue to focus on is the operating system of the server. This is similar, in a way, to the operating system of a personal computer, but also very different. The leading server operating system is that of Linux, with Windows not too far behind. Originally, Linux was the leading system by far, with very little competition. However, over the past few years, Windows has pushed forward due to some of its more appealing features.

Probably the most appealing factor of Windows for servers is its compatibility with the overwhelmingly popular Windows operating systems on computers across the globe. Many forms of software that make designing and creating websites much easier are not compatible with Linux. Granted, Linux does allow for the vast majority of programming languages and scripts available to web designers, but there are things it cannot handle. An incredibly important example would be .NET Framework used to create dynamic and engaging websites that attract many visitors. Also, ASP and MS SQL, both of which are primarily, if not solely, Microsoft products, exhibit unreliable performance on Linux servers, a crucial issue for some companies that use Microsoft software to create their websites.

Windows servers are also surprisingly efficient, especially when compared to Windows personal computers. Windows, though more complex than Macintosh in nature, is relatively simple in layout and design, and is focused toward the average user. Therefore, just about any web design team, regardless of experience with servers and web hosting, can use it. Despite this simplicity, Windows is an incredibly powerful operating system for web servers, providing the necessary capabilities that companies look for when choosing web-hosting sites. This power also comes with a relatively low cost, making it even more appealing to companies that are trying to maximize profit.

Although Linux leads the world in web hosting, the rise of Windows-based websites has led many web-hosting sites to add servers with Windows operating system or simply convert some of the servers on their network to Windows to accommodate this shift in the market. As such, Windows web hosting has become an increasingly important area of interest for companies that try to stay abreast of the rapidly changing world; a world that is becoming more and more technology and information based every day.

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